Welcome to Cottage Ananda!

We bring peace to life

Ever thought of visiting a place where nature greets you with open arms? Where from a dense forest cover to eeee-covered hills, mountains or waterfalls deep inside the jungles, or the open fields and cold climate offer you an overwhelming experience of losing one's sense of being on earth for some time? Perhaps, India's small hilly town of Mukteshwar is just that special place for you

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Why Cottage Ananda

Mukteshwar has evolved as a happening place just five to six years ago. In most of the existing cottages or small eateries, there was hardly any attention to enjoyment within the same property.

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Cottage Ananda a place where in search of some solaces to keep away from a highly demanding corporate world. Especially for the couple who had been living in Metro. For them where they could forget all worries..

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Things to Do

With just eight cottages that stand distinct, distant from each other, private and secure – giving you absolute privacy to just be yourself and be with yourself. High on Aesthetics & eco-friendly design

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