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Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls

Only 3 kms from Cottage Ananda Resorts Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls is 60 feet high secluded and pristine waterfall. It has natural clear water pools, ideal for day picnics, valley crossing, cliff jumping & bird watching


Camping is possibly the finest way to enjoy the serenity of nature with Cottage Ananda of your friends and family. It is the best mode to spend time in the lap of nature and forget the mundane affairs of an otherwise hectic life. It also provides an opportunity to spend quality time with the loved ones and understand them better. The Cottage Ananda such place that offers fantastic range of camping. Whether it is wildlife camping or normal camping, Cottage Ananda topography offers everything for the adventure enthusiasts. It can prove to be very beneficial for the growing and budding mind of the children. Camping is a recreational activity and there is no age limit. Anyone who likes to explore nature can take up this camping expedition. Cottage Ananda welcome you All…

Adventure Sports: Choli Ki Jalli

For 9 km from Cottage Ananda will reach Chauli Ki Jal. Chauli Ki Jal also known as Chauthi Jali is a visitor's attraction located behind the cliff of Mukteshwar temple. It is located at a distance of 25.0 meters from the Mukteshwar Temple. 'Chauli means rock and 'Jali' means hole. This place is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Many people visit this place for sightseeing and having an adrenaline pumping rocks climbing experience. One can have a measuring view of the Himalyan range and Kumaon Valley from the edge of Chauli Ki Jali

Religious Significance
According to Hindu mythology, the goddess and demon has a fierce battle at this place. There is trunk of an elephant, a shield and indefinite outlines of a sword, which serves as the teastment of the battle. It is believed that if a barren woman crosses the hole of Chauli Ki Jali during Shivaratri, then she is blessed with a child

IVRI (Indian Veterinary Research Institute)- British era building!!!

Indian veterinary research institute is responsible for carrying out high end research in animal nutrition, genetics and bacteriology. The campus is spread in a large area and British architecture is reflected in all its buildings. A library and a veterinary museum are other popular attractions of the site, which reveals historic events to the travelers

Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple

The famous Mukteshwar Temple is an ancient Hindu temple Dedicated to Loard Shiva. It is adorned at Mukteshwar In Nanital district of Uttrakhand. The Mukteshwar town owes iys name from this 350 years old shiva temple. The hill temple is perched at an elevation of 2312 meters above sea level and offers an enchanting view of the surreal landscape

The Mukteshwar temple boasts a simple architecture with stone stairs leading to the deity's heavenly abode The temple also houses the idols of Loard Brahma and Vishnu.

Religious significance
A shiva linga madeout of white marble with copper yoni is enshrined in mukteshwar temple. The mukteshwar temple is believed to be one among the 18 important Shiva temples. The Hindu devotees consider it as a vital place of worship

The View of Himalayas: Scenic Place

Magnificent view of Himalaya is a great tourist attraction in Mukteshwar as it affords a magical view of the Himalayas. The place also enables visitors to enjoy 180 degree views of the majestic Himalayan range. The unspoiled beauty simply overwhelms the mind and soul, leaving oneself lost in the lap of nature or simply providing a perfect blend of nature and mood to enjoy romance in its pure form. Nanda Devi, Nandaghunti, Nanda Kot, Trishul, and Panchachuli are some of the major peaks visible from Mukeshwar. These are covered by dense forest. On the side, the scenic natural beauty offers a splendid view of the enchanting valley and Himalayas.